Blacklight Revive Loadout Editor
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HKN1 805bdcef0f
reverted Proxy.dll to old version
4 weeks ago
.github/workflows stopped it from autorun on push. 1 year ago
BLREdit reverted Proxy.dll to old version 4 weeks ago
Docs Duplicate Profile now also selectes the Duplicated Profile. 5 months ago
Resources Updated German Translation 2 months ago
Screenshots added missing armor images 9 months ago
.gitattributes Add .gitignore and .gitattributes. 1 year ago
.gitignore Add .gitignore and .gitattributes. 1 year ago
BLREdit.sln Added Custom JsonConverters for UIBool, BLRItem, double, float in preperation for new localization. Moved from Post Build Event to just Launch Args. Added new launch arg to generate new ItemList that combines duplicate names to use one NameID to make translating easy. package launch arg now should properly shutdown after package. launch arg for Server CLI now should properly quit when pressing Q in the CLI 2 months ago
LICENSE created LICENSE 1 year ago Update 9 months ago
settings.json fixed proxy injection, added module installer ui with functionality and proxy config so modules get loaded and much more 6 months ago


Blacklight Revive Loadout Editor


Multiple Profiles.
Camo Selection
Stat Sorting With Highlighting
Scope Selection and Preview
Weapon Tag Selection
Tactical Gear Selection
Avatar Selection

Export Loadout to Clipboard for MagiCow's Loadout Customization bot


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