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This MOD is created by the "Eggwars Am Abend" (EAA) Squad, to increase fun playing Minecraft by avoiding hacking/idiotic players and providing some useful tools. This mod is 100% client side and does not interact with the server you are playing on.


Following a list of features, this mod provides


It's basically a report system.

Users are able to tag other players with a set of tags. As example as Hacker/Friend/Good player and so on. In addition, the tag gets weighted by a scale from 0 to 10.

Tagged players are shown when pressing TAB, including their recent tag with grade. Other commands like playercheck/lobbycheck also use tag data.

Ping as Number

Heavily inspired by this cool project, check it out!



uhm ... yeh ... it echos ... uhm ... you

(used as PoC, will be removed sooner or later)


All mod commands start with a double slash (//), so they don't get confused with other commands

  • //tag <player> <tag> <grade>
    • Tags player with chosen tag and grade. On success, a notification is shown.
  • //lobby
    • Checks if any unwanted players (Hacker/Idiot/Noob) are in the current lobby.
  • //check <player>
    • shows detailed information about a player, including past player names and tags.
  • //echo <text>
    • reply with text
  • //reload
    • reloads cashed players. Useful when playing in a team and someone tagged another player. Otherwise, the tag would not appear till next game start.


Mod needs a file in mod folder called settings.properties containing following values:


A working sample config is provided in the config folder, setup with a read only user of the developers Database.


Database-Model and SQL-Starterscript can be found in the config/database folder. The Mod itself does not create the needed Database structure. The user has to init the Database by himself.